UCSI University invests RM8.2mil in dual-mode learning
UCSI University is now fully operating on dual-mode learning where students can attend the class physically or online for every programme.

This comes following an RM8.2mil investment by the university to prepare various Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools and equipment to ensure that the teaching and learning process of its students will not be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world.

Both physical and online classes will operate simultaneously. Therefore, students can communicate directly with their lecturers to ask questions.

Indirectly, this method enables both local and international students to follow classes wherever they are without the need to travel.

For students who wish to attend the classes physically, they will need to comply with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) as advised by the government – chief of which is to always maintain physical distancing.

Lecturers at UCSI University have attended a specific course on how to handle the Microsoft Teams software. With just one click, students can attend the classes online through their computers, laptops or smartphones.

The students will be able to experience a classroom situation as the additional features in the software enable the lecturers to write formulas or draw on the screen surface shared.

This method is similar to the use of whiteboards in physical classes.

For smaller classrooms, lecturers only need a tablet with an Internet connection to operate the class physically and online at the same time as equipment such as a camera and a computer are already available.

As for bigger classrooms, lecturers will need to use a microphone to ensure that their voices are clear for students, both in the physical and online classes.

Students who have unstable Internet connections need not worry as all class videos are recorded and are accessible at any time after the classes end.