After completing the travel and arrangement. The next thing that the student faces is the subject registration process and starting life as a university or college student can be overwhelming, Qetc is again there to support and council the student about the curriculum and the process of registration.

Qetc also supports in the process of smooth enrolment for the student in terms of studies as well as in terms of his social life. Qetc advices its students with the following tips for smooth transition and to the boost they need for an exciting and fulfilling experience as a student

·       Enrol and attend the orientation session at your education institution

·       Join a social group like a society or club at your university or college

·       Stay positive, try talking to others who have been through the same situation

·       Spend time with other students – both from other countries and Malaysia – and try to make friends

·       Be flexible and try to adapt to the change – keep an open mind: learn about local culture and share your culture with others