When preparing to travel to Malaysia, QETC insures and advises that the student has all necessary documents such as a valid passport, VAL, Single Entry Visa (if applicable), air ticket, and necessary funds. We advised to inform your chosen institution (at least 7 days in advance) of your flight details as you need a representative from the institution to assist you with immigration and customs clearance at the immigration checkpoint.

When the student arrives at the airport or any other entry point in Malaysia, a representative from the institution will be at the immigration checkpoint to receive and attend to you when clearing the immigration checkpoint. After the immigration clearance, a representative will be responsible for transferring you to the educational institution to report your arrival.

Students need to undergo a medical screening within 7 days after entering Malaysia. You have to consult your institution and download the standard prescribed form from the EMGS website. Your institution will help you make an appointment at an EMGS approved clinic for the medical screening. You are required to bring along the form and a copy of your passport to the clinic.

QETC is on the line in every step of these processes between the student and the institution to make sure that the students enroll in his or her program by completing all these processes above.