To begin studying in Malaysia, there is a range of entry requirements you may have to meet. Requirements may vary depending on the level of education you want to study.


English Language Requirements
Applicants are required to provide the results of an English language test. The English language skill level might defer from one institution to another or depending on the desired program 

Academic requirements


Undergraduate Admission Criteria

For admission into bachelor-level programs, Students usually must have completed secondary school. There may also be course-content requirements or grade-point average minimums. As undergraduate schools have limited space, there is competition for admission.


Criteria Graduate Admission
For admission into the Master’s degree program in Malaysia, students must complete a bachelor’s degree and submit the documents required by the University.


For entry into a Doctorate degree program, students must have completed their Masters. Students must have the fundamental theoretical knowledge to carry out their independent studies. In order to determine a candidate’s suitability for the Ph.D. program.


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